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I believe all living things and our earth have a spirit. Through my pottery and porcelain pieces I attempt to honor them. I produce living and nonliving memorials for horses, dogs, cats, birds, people and the earth.

Saggar Pottery*

is a ten stage process using organic material found on the earth. No Piece is every duplicated.

Horsehair Pottery*

is a ten stage process using tail or mane hair. If you would like your specific horsehair done contact me to arrange mailing the hair and sharing with me things about your horse so that this can influence my work. No piece is ever duplicated.

Feather Pottery*

is a ten stage process using feathers on the pottery at high temperatures. No Piece is ever duplicated.

Baby's First Hair Cut and Multi-Generational Hair Pottery *

is a a ten stage process using human hair on pottery. Baby's first haircuts are common in many  culture and countries. I ask for information such as name and characteristics you want to share with me about the person to influence the artwork. I can incorporate multiple peoples hair to make a multi-generational piece. No piece is ever duplicated.

Traditional Glaze-ware Pottery

comes in every imaginable color and texture. These pieces are are made with a mid to high fire porcelain or stoneware for durability.  

Sacred Ash Pottery

incorporate a small portion of cremation remains into the clay body and on the surface to make the piece. These pieces can be clear glazed. No piece is ever duplicated.

Breast Milk Pottery

incorporates the breast milk into the porcelain when the piece is being formed and can be glazed. No piece is ever duplicated.

Umbilical Cord Pottery *

is a ten stage process which uses the cord on the surface of the clay and like hair and feather firing it is impressed into the piece at 1750F. No piece is ever duplicated.


* Pottery marked with an asterisk is for decorative use only and should not to be used as functional pieces with food or water.

Current Project

 The Pottery Grove on Instagram

Meet Sarrah


Sarrah Hurst Groves begin taking pottery classes at the young age of fifteen. Her father, an artist in his own right, first introduced her to the art and encouraged her to continue refining her skills as an artist.


After she graduated she lived and worked on the west coast for ten years and then moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where she worked in a creative capacity as the Business Events Director for a Fortune 500 Company. There in Tulsa she raised two beautiful children; her greatest accomplishment by far. She left the corporate world to live her dream of being a full-time potter.


Sarrah has had opportunities to studied under several accomplished potters. She continues her education thru workshops and self mastery. She currently owns The Pottery Grove and lives and creates at the foot of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. She lives with the love of her life and her yellow lab Maisy, and her Devon Rex Kitty, Benny Bou.


She enjoys all forms of art, loves spending many hours outdoors in our beautiful world and in her pottery studio. Sarrah has great compassion for the injured hearts of humans and finds many ways to love and serve them. Connecting to the earth and all living things is her mission. Her memorial pieces are just one way she honors those life forms and helps those who mourn their passing.  She has a deep desire to love, uplift, and connect to all living souls.

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