Salt Crystal Saggar 5x5

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This specialty piece of saggar pottery is one of a kind it will never be reproduced. It has been handmade through an intense process of using organic matter to impress the outside of the piece. After a piece is thrown and trimmed, a terra sigallate (an old roman recipe) is applied three times to the fragile greenware and carefully burnished between each coat using a leather cloth. After burnishing, it was then fired again in the kiln. This piece was then wrapped in dried apricots, bananas, roses, hydrangeas, coffee beans, pumpkin seeds, peach pits, iron oxides, steel wool, copper, avocado, hemp leaves, kelp, seaweed and various dried organics. Then the piece was placed in a single saggar pot (a lidded vessel) and fired once again. Your piece was then removed from the kiln and allowed to cool; it was then washed by hand and allowed to dry thoroughly, and then burnished three more times using beeswax and a new leather cloth. The end results are stunning. Saggar pieces are works of art.

*Saggar is decorative piece of art and is not used for food or water, it is simply ART to be admired enjoyed cherished and passed down thru generations.

*Easy care for Saggar includes rubbing with a clean soft cloth once a year and if desired every five to ten years buff with beeswax.

*Each computer screens may represent the pottery coloring slightly different. Dimensions are accurate within a 1/4”

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