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Horsehair and Feather Pottery

Horsehair and Feather Pottery is a in depth process (and sometimes rather dangerous) form of firing pottery using horsehair and feathers. Like saggar it is a ten step in depth process for leaving the organic matter to impress the outside of pottery. After a pot is thrown and trimmed a terra sigallate (an old roman recipe) is applied to greenware (dried pot) and carefully burnished three times using a leather cloth.

After the burnishing the pots are then fired in a kiln. The pottery is then fired again at a faster rate and pulled from the kiln when it looks much like molten lava. Immediately the horsehair and feathers are applied to the surface of the the pots and put away on sand to cool, after which they are washed and allowed to dry thoroughly, and then burnished three more times using beeswax and a leather cloth.

the end results are stunning. Horsehair pieces are works of art. like saggar they are truly masterpiece works of art.

*Horsehair/Feather pottery is non functional and is not used for food or water, it is simple ART!

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