The “Skinny Mini” Stainless Steel Magnetic Barrel and Leather Cat Collar OR The “Skinny Mini” Plastic tapered Breakaway Paracord Cat Collar

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Purrfect for Devon Rex, Cornish Rex, Sphinx and other special cat breeds! Won’t pull hair or catch on skin- magnetic collar strong enough to hold a tag and bow tie, yet easily breaks away to keep our special babies safe. Tested to 1/2 ounce of tag and additions. Please give me your size and/or half size in inches, in the memo or comments section of order form- if you don’t see a note or memo section please don’t worry I will email you a size request or confirmation of size! All collars are made to order and available in whole and half inch sizes. For example 5”, 5.5”. 6”, 6.5”. Etc All the way up to 12” for those BIG fur babies! If a quarter size is needed order the next 1/2 size up. ORDER LENGTH SIZE OF THE COLLAR NOT NECK. you decide the room you want as some like to use more like a necklace.,

I developed this because though my kitty is chipped most people don’t even think of taking a lost cat in to have it checked for a chip because soooo many cats wander the streets as “outdoor cats” strays or feral cats that people don’t realize yours is lost! I started trying everything to make the perfect collar for my Devon Rex. I finally started making him these collars and poof! The Skinny Mini was born purrrfected! 

They were designed to not have any catches, corners,  buckles or clasps that can irritate the skin or pull hair out and they are strong enough to carry ID tag and most importantly they break away if my little darling were to ever get into trouble. 

I also produce a tapered black plastic barrel clasp non magnetic in a special easy breakaway for all cat breeds and it is made with colorful silk or paracord also with out buckles corners etc. They will hold even more tags, bells, ties, medallions, and yes even JEWELS and are recommended for cats over 6lbs that specialize in getting into trouble. 

SHIPPING: all collars are mailed USPS first class not Fedex!  

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING NOTICE: we will send you a PayPal bill for added shipping Collar will be sent only when the additional shipping cost are paid.  

How to Fit a Cat Collar

We recommend that, when you put a collar on your cat, you leave enough space to be able to slide one or two fingers in between the collar and your cat's neck, this is also recommended for Cats Protection. This will ensure that the collar is not too tight so as to be uncomfortable or dangerous for your cat but will also ensure that it is not loose enough for your cat to get his or her foot caught under the collar, which might lead to an injury or your cat trying to remove the collar. The magnetic collars will easily be removable and are suggested for collar trained cats never allow your cat to eat the collar. For collar training the plastic tapered breakaway (non magnetic) is recommended as it takes more force to break away. 

It is really important to get the fit right not only for the safety and comfort of your cat but to ensure that if your cat wanders off, the collar has the best possible chance of staying on to help identify your cat in the event that he or she is lost.

If you are buying a collar for a cat that is not yet fully grown, it is important to regularly check the fit of the collar to ensure that, as your cat grows, you can still slide two fingers in between the cat and the collar. If the collar becomes too tight,  simply order a larger size. 

We do not recommend the plastic breakaway collars for kittens, particularly kittens that are small breeds or not under constant supervision, because most kittens are not heavy enough for the breakaway safety buckle to release in the event that the collar gets snagged or caught on a branch or other hazard in the cat's environment. Do not allow your cat or kitten to chew or eat collar. Supervision is the top priority for all cat owners.

If you need any advice in relation to the appropriate size for a cat collar please contact your vet or breeder.

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