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The Horse that Thought He was Rex #65 5"h

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Horsehair and Feather Pottery
This specialty piece of horsehair or feather Pottery is one of a kind it will never be reproduced. it is made using an in depth process which is both exciting and dangerous. It is a ten step intense process that leaves the horsehair or feathers impressed on the outside of the piece. After a pot is thrown and trimmed a terra sigallate (an old roman recipe) is applied to greenware (dried pot) it is applied three times to the fragile greenware and carefully burnished between each coat of terra siggalate using a leather cloth. I use a tanned beaver tail.
After the three burnishings the pots are then fired again at a faster rate and pulled from the kiln at precisely the time they look like molten lava. Immediately the horsehair and feathers are applied to the surface of the the pots and then put on sand to cool, after which they are washed and allowed to dry thoroughly, and then covered three times in beeswax and burnished with a leather cloth between each coat. The end results are stunning. Horsehair pieces are works of art, true masterpieces.
*Horsehair/Feather pottery is considered nonfunctional art and is not used for food or water, it is beautiful ART to be admired enjoyed, cherished and passed down thru generations. Many native tribes use these pieces in ceremonial events.
*Easy care for horsehair and feather pottery includes rubbing with a clean soft cloth once a year, and if desired every five to ten years you can buff your piece with beeswax.
*Each computer screens may represent the pottery coloring slightly different. Dimensions are approximate.

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